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    Where does Lowe's buy their unfinished oak cabinets?
    Lowe's is discontinuing their current line of unfinished oak cabinets and I am having a heck of a time figuring out where to buy the rest of my kitchen so that it matches--all the stores within dozens of miles of my location have already sold out of some of the critical pieces that I need.

    Does anyone have any idea who manufactures them? They are like the Woodgate cabinets, but not quite.


    • ANSWER:
      Should have that info on the box/ instructions/ warranty card. Even the cheapest of cabinets come with some sort of paperwork or tags. Ask for an unopened box of any size they have in stock. Check it inside & out.

    I have been trying to find kitchen cabinets on line. Search engines give same old hits. Help to find?
    I am getting the same sites... Lowe's, Home Depot, DirectBuy, and some budget places. Is this all there is? I am planning to install myself. Would even buy unfinished if I could get good quality and selection of styles and features.

    • ANSWER:
      try Masterbrand.com, or Ikea

    Are pre-built unfinished cabinets typically finished on the inside?
    I purchased some unfinished cabinets with the intention of staining them a dark brown. Upon getting them home it looks like the insides are finished with what looks like a light colored laminate veneer. If I stain them the outsides would be dark brown and the insides a lightish oak color, which I feel will look strange. Do you think it will look weird? Or is that how people do it? Stain the outside whatever color you want and then the inside is light?

    • ANSWER:
      Unfinished kitchen cabinets are finished on the inside, like the ones you bought, with a light veneer.
      If you check with the place you bought them, you might be able to buy strips of other color veneer to go across the front of the shelves that you put on with adhesive. This would probably improve the look.
      Lowe's sells unfinished oak kitchen cabinets (Mill's Pride) with this inside finished veneer. I don't know if they sell the banding strips but check with them. I believe Home Depot sells the strips you need...they sell them for their self-assembly cabinets (Distinctions). The strips come on a 20' roll that sells for about .

    I need to build a cabinet for a double wall oven....?
    My husband and I are remodeling our home, the next step is the kitchen. We are using in-stock, unfinished oak cabinets from either Lowe's or Home Depot, however they do not make one for a double oven. Does anyone know how, or has anyone made their own? It is a 30" electric Whirlpool double oven.

    • ANSWER:
      I build a kitchen last year with a double oven. The designer should be able to select a cabinet from the stock company you are using like Craft Maid for example for that oven check the dimensions carefully. You can build one but you have to be skilled and have the right tools. I have built kitchens with those cabinets. they have oak where I am. They are just a simple box with doors. you could buy the doors and make the box out of lumber. Get some printed material from the design desk that includes the measurements for that cabinet or you could buy something close to it.

      Check out my design these are Thomasville cabinets


      let me know if you need any help, good luck

    Were can i get good quality DIY kitchen cabinets (unfinished or dark finished) for a really cheap price?
    my budget is 0.00 im 19 and just bought a fixer upper with metal cabinets i live in the st louis area. I am willing to travel but not to far ive read all the other cabinet questions and see that ikea and homedepot keep popping up . What is the best choice overall

    • ANSWER:
      Habitat for Humanity is a good source. For good quality and DIY, Ikea is the way to go. My partner & I bought our cabinets from Ikea. Their lowest-priced line is laminate. All of their cabinets have to be put together. Their hanging system is really great. You can take your kitchen measurements into any of the mentioned sites - Ikea, Lowe's, Home Depot, and have them put together an estimate of the cost of the cabinets (without labor) for you. They will also do a free plan for you, so you know exactly how many cabinets to buy.

    How much did it cost you to remodel your kitchen?
    I am looking to gut out a kitchen and start from scratch. New floor, cabinets, etc. I will be going "middle of the road" prices and getting decent used things if possible (stove, fridge, etc.). About how much did it cost you to remodel your kitchen??

    • ANSWER:
      i am a kitchen and bathroom designer and i understand everything there is to know about remodeling a kitchen. i started off working at Lowe's in their cabinet department. i now work for an independent company. here are some notes:

      1. decide how much labor you are willing to do on your own or with friends. tearing up old cabinets and countertops can be time consuming but you can save a fortune when you do it on your own. same thing goes when you're ready to install the new kitchen items.

      2. for easy and cheap cabinets, you can go somewhere like lowe's and get their in-stock cabinets in unfinished/paint grade or a wood finish (some stores have maple, oak, and cherry as well as a laminate). these cabinets are plain and simple and cheap. so there quality is definitely lacking and it's hard to find what you need in stock. most stores only replenish their stock every three weeks or so. i would look into getting a lower end cabinets from a more professional company - like Kraftmaid. a standard size kitchen in these cabinets would run you about 00-00. it just depends on the style and finish.

      3. for countertops - the cheapest thing is to do a tile countertop followed by a laminate. you can really inexpensive 12x12 tiles for . both of these countertops can be installed by you to save money. a step up from this would be a granite tile. this can be installed by you, but it looks better. after this you get into the granites, solid surfaces, and quartz/engineered stone. these tops will run you upwards of /sq and will have to be installed by a pro. an average kitchen in one of these materials runs about 00-00.

      4. your flooring - if you do tile, you can install this yourself and i'd do it the same day if you install a tile backsplash or countertops. the reason being is that places like lowes or ace hardware stores will let you rent out tile saws for a day or so. if it's wood (either real or laminate) this you can also do yourself to save on money. i think if i were going to do wood, i'd let someone else install it.

      5. as for the appliances, drive around your local appliance distributor type places (lowe's, home depot, sears, etc) and look for appliances that are damaged. sometimes they'll be marked down because of a dent in the side that you wouldn't even be able to see.

      in all reality, take a good look at your kitchen and see what you can simply update instead of tearing out. if you're cabinets are outdated, then you can refinish them or find a local carpenter to make new doors. then simply change out the hardware and knobs and you've just saved yourself a lot of money. then you can take that money and get a nicer quality countertop or better appliances.

      the only things that i would highly recommend someone doing for you is anything involving plumbing or electricity.

    HELP!! Has any one purchased Lowes or Home Depot in stock unfinished cabinets?
    Help What the best to save on a new kitchen.
    this is a new home wo/any kitchen?
    really need to save money? any ideas ?

    • ANSWER:
      I purchased Lowe's kitchen cabinets that had to be assembled, however they were already finished. I did it to save money and my son and I assembled them in our living room over the course of a day, fairly easily with wood glue. ( If I remember correctly they had their own screws.) I did this in November almost 3 years ago and I think we ended up doing 15 lower and upper cabinets. He was 14 at the time and neither of us had had much experience with doing anything like this before. The cabinets are decent quality and I think all in all they were a good deal.

      Depending on how fancy you want to get or how limited you budget is, you might also be able to go to a Habitat for Humanity thrift store and buy cabinets that people have donated or check the yellow pages for a recycled building materials store. We have one locally and they often have complete kitchens (obviously they will need adjustments made) for very inexpensive prices compared to what one will pay new from a cabinet maker.

      Good luck,


    I want to remodel my kitchen on a budget...?
    ...because we just bought a house and don't have any money for any kind of remodeling.
    I love all white kitchens and want to get new cabinets put in. Has anyone worked in phases to get their kitchen done?
    I mean, I could get the wall cabinets done, then wait for the base cabinets and countertops. The third phase could be flooring and lighting. And the last would be appliances --if at all.
    This could take 5-10 years. Of course, I wouldn't have matching cabinets but that doesn't bother me because I don't like everything to match anyway. It would, of course, be a pain because of contractors working the house.
    Other than that, do you see any disadvantages?
    Can it be done? Anyone done something similar?

    • ANSWER:
      You can remodel your kitchen in stages, but not over a 5 year period and definitely not over a 10 year period. If you have the credit to buy a home, then you could get a line of credit from Lowe's or Home Depot and that would facilitate a remodel. You could purchase what is called stock cabinetry and it wouldnt cost you more than 1500. Lowe's has stock cabinetry that is unfinished and Home Depot has stock cabinetry that is prefinished, the only downside is that you have to put it together. If you really planned this out well, you could do a complete remodel for 3500 or less.

      Id be more than happy to help you in any way that I can. email me!

    Any advice out there for painting (versus staining) unfinished kitchen cabinets?
    I recently completed a small remodel job on our kitchen. My wife is keen on staining the unfinished oak front (inexpensive) cabinets. I'm thinking how about a little color and paint instead. Any recommendations on brand (middle of the road) with low gloss and waterproof? Also, do I need a wood conditioner like the good folks at Lowes's recommended if I stain? If not, do I need any kind of primer or anything else? Many thanks to all you pro's :-)

    • ANSWER:
      Whether to paint or stain is largely a matter of personal preference - sounds like you'll have to hash it out with your wife.

      If you paint: DO NOT use cheap materials! Spend a little more money for Benjamin Moore primer and paint. It will only cost a few dollars more, and you won't need to do it again for a long, long time. Don't try to paint without priming - you will not get satisfactory long term results.

      If you stain: I don't know what you mean by "wood conditioner". Oak is an "open grain" wood, meaning that there are fairly large open pores that will make achieving a smooth surface quite challenging. Woodworkers often us a "grain filler" to fill those pores and make the task easier. You can stain and apply multiple coats of polyurethane instead of filling, but it will take many coats with much sanding between coats. If the "wood conditioner" is actually a grain filler, by all means use it. Otherwise, check with Rockler, Woodworkers Supply, Woodcraft or any other good woodworking supply house.

      You'll need at least 2 coats of polyurethane, with a light sanding between coats.

    Please rank in order best-worst kitchen cabinets Thomasville,Kraftmaid,Wellborn,Timberlake,American Woodmark?
    I'm looking to get a new kitchen and want good quality but not overpay just for a name brand

    • ANSWER:
      We just did our kitchen. We bought the unfinished cabinets from Lowe's and stained them ourselves. Saved a ton of $$$. I am pretty sure they were Continental.

    Re staining kitchen cabinets?
    wholesale house sales unfinished cabinet at a 1/3 of the price of Lowe's How much to pay someone to stain and or paint/glaze the cabinets cheaper just to buy the finished?

    • ANSWER:
      Staining and finishing is easy. Pick your colour stain...follow directions on can (do not use water based stain as it raises the grain). Then you can choose your finish...I suggest matte finish urethane or polyurethane. Follow directions on the can. Try to steer clear of the stain/finish all in one...it is very thin and you can/will get drips easily..it would be very frustrating to someone new to this, and the finish is not as good in my opinion.

lowe's unfinished kitchen cabinets

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